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Back in January of this year I found myself in a very deep funk that was totally consuming my every waking moment. It just seemed like nothing was going right regardless of my efforts to climb out of this abyss.  At the same time Lee Ann sent out an email informing us of a program at the gym to help us lose weight and reprogram our metabolism. Another fad diet was my first thought- my second was I’m too tired to do anything. I reached out to Lee Ann, desperate for help and encouragement, and I haven’t looked back since!!!
I lost 19 lbs during the first 8 weeks and since then have lost another 6. I’m stronger and happier and feel better about everything. I am myself again. It’s one of the best th
ings I have ever done for myself. Knowledge is power and Pure Fitness has certainly provided that for me. Thanks Lee Ann and everyone who encouraged and supported me at Pure. It really has been life changing!!!
~Mary K

TWENTY TWO AND COUNTING…Wow I can hardly believe it. I lost 22lbs in 10 weeks. Me? Food was my best friend. It comforted me when I was sad or lonely, it brought me peace when I was stressed and it certainly was a huge part of any celebration I had. And as a result, I was fat! There is no other way to put it. And I was unhappy with how I looked and more importantly with how I felt.
The Total Body Transformation has been my opportunity to empower myself to take control over what went into my mouth. Once I made the decision to try the transformation I was committed and began to see results right away. But it was not easy making the decision. I wavered for months. But it was the encouragement of my close friends and the support of Lee Ann that really helped me decide.
The program itself is pretty straight forward and not that difficult. It really makes a lot of sense and for me, something just clicked. I never looked back. Now the workouts, that was something different. I am a fairly confident person, but stepping into a gym, is like my first day of kindergarten. I had been doing spin and yoga regularly, but to get the full potential of the Total Body Transformation, it is recommended that you do weight workouts in addition to your cardio. So I gave it a shot. And it was tough. But OH SO WORTH IT!!
I feel empowered. For the first time in my life I am in control of what goes in my mouth. Food no longer controls me. And although I have about 40 more pounds to go, I am confident I am going to make it.
~Keri B.

FEELING STRONG & HEALTHY…Over the past 20 years, I have joined a handful of gyms, nutritional plans and fads as a way to try to find what works. I have been told I was “skinny” and didn’t have anything to worry about but never felt like I was “in shape”. For the past 10 yrs I was primarily focused on cardio and not putting any emphasis in weight training. That was mostly because I wasn’t too sure what I should be doing. As time went on, and I was getting older, my metabolism was slowing down and I knew I needed to change something.
During the past 2 1/2 yrs I’ve been at Pure-Fitness I did gain a few things such as knowledge and strength and not lbs! You are taught the proper method of performing exercises and educated on how to improve in your own personal achievements. Recently, a challenge at Pure-Fitness enabled me to revamp what I thought was a pretty clean way of eating to an eye opening change. The proper combinations of food and portions have really allowed me to see signs and changes. I not only look and feel leaner…… I feel stronger and healthier than I’ve ever felt.
~Deb L.

FEELING FIT & HEALTHY THROUGHOUT MY PREGNANCY…PURE Fitness kept me healthy and feeling great all throughout my pregnancy. I’m now back at it after only a few weeks off – that sort of recovery wouldn’t happen if I didn’t workout here at PURE. I’ll be back in my pre-baby clothes in no time!
~ Renee

IMPROVING EVERYDAY...When I first started working out, I could only do 1 push up. After only a few months at PURE Fitness, I was doing over 20 consistently and have only been improving every day since!
~ Alana H

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